about US

Welcome to White Feather Farm. We are a small farmstead in Saugerties, NY - established in 2017 by a filmmaker and musician out of a desire to get back to nature and create great food for our community.

In 2018, our first full growing season, we look forward to bringing a diverse array of products to markets and restaurants in the Hudson Valley - including vegetables, fruits, cut-flowers, herbs, ciders, maple syrup, and pasture-raised eggs. We also maintain a small apiary with our own honey coming to market in 2019!

While not yet certified organic, we are cultivating a piece of property that has not seen the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in decades, and follow all national organic guidelines and growing practices. Our food is grown in permanent raised beds with the utmost attention going to the care of our soils. Everything we do is founded in an enthusiasm for ecological and environmental stewardship.

Check out our other project Broken Wing Barn for information on concerts and community events hosted at the farm.